Welcome to Choose the Adventure. Please take the time and become the captain of your own adventure. Click on the following images and take command of a daring adventure to discover the Forever Secret. The game plays differently each time based on your choices…choose wisely…you choose the adventure!

The year is 2330. The Earth is now under the rule of one government.

Many of the natural resources of the planet have been wasted and most are in short supply. Much of the wildlife on Planet Earth is endangered. Most nations sensing the demise of Planet Earth as it had been in the past began to look toward the stars as holding their future.

In 2100 a mass exodus from Planet Earth began. Those who made the exodus became known, as well as their descendants, as “Off Worlders.” The current government on Earth has created a caste system. There is a ruling class and a lower caste that is made up of everyone else.

Those who are not part of the ruling class are slaves. Occasionally, a slave will try to escape. The only place for them to run is ‘off planet.’ The government controls all flights in an out of the remaining Earth atmosphere. Slaves caught running are executed.

Off Worlders have tried their best to keep the stories of Earth and it’s “glory days” alive, but most stories have just become legends. One of the legends revolves around a secret of “living forever.”

Not much is known about this secret, but it is thought to have something to do with what were called churches. Churches were outlawed in the year 2150 and they have all been destroyed or locked down.

The ruling government keeps a close watch on the remaining church facilities. Anyone caught entering these facilities faces a sentence of execution. It is believed that somewhere within the walls of these “illegal churches” the secret of living forever can be found. The legend is now called the “Forever Secret.”

A group of Off Worlders has mobilized themselves into intergalactic freedom specialists. They have formed what is called Interstellar Command. Their goal is to free the oppressed of Planet Earth…any slave who decides to risk running.

Their method:
Interstellar Command has managed to hide homing devices in many of the abandoned churches. These devices omit a signal that is difficult to detect. If the signal is activated, Interstellar Command has less than 24 hours to infiltrate Earth’s atmosphere and defenses and find the slave who is on the run. If they cannot achieve this goal in 24 hours, the signal cuts off automatically, to prevent detection, and will not reset for a month.

This leaves a slave in extreme danger because they must then elude the government or find and break into another church to activate another homing device.

On a routine rescue mission, the crew of the Finder, under the command of Captain Aaron Alten, found themselves in a situation to discover the Forever Secret. Crew member Carrie Collins was willing to risk her life and the life of those they had come to rescue, to find out if the legend of the Forever Secret was true.

The Forever Secret was found, it was true.

After you finish Epic, the story continues 10 years later, in Epic 2: Intensity.